Ursula's Hoard

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Bounty Studs

Perfect for everyday wear, these studs feature deep red garnets encrusted in gold plated silver. Each pair are hand crafted, so there will always be a slight variation to the image shown.... Learn More


Celeste Ring

Celeste Ring

The beautiful Celeste ring displays a deep orange carnelian stone at its centre, encrusted in rose gold plated silver atop a hammered band. Bringing a little bit of daily decadence... Learn More



Encrusted Hoops

Add some everyday glamour to your look with these Encrusted hoop earrings. Featuring textured granules of gold plated silver, they're a unique alternative to the traditional creole. "Gold hoops are... Learn More


Golden Hind Necklace

Dazzle with this luxurious midnight-blue lapis lazuli necklace. The drop pendant has been specially cut and set with three baroque freshwater pearls encrusted in gold plated silver and hung on a... Learn More
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La Belle Ring

La Belle Ring

The beautiful La Belle ring features a vibrant orange carnelian stone at its centre, surrounded by a halo of seed pearls. All encrusted in rose gold plated silver atop a hammered band.   ... Learn More



Mary Rose Earrings

Mary Rose Earrings

Add a little opulence to your everyday look with these understated Mary Rose earrings. Featuring midnight-blue lapis lazuli stones at their centre and surrounded by a halo of seed pearls. They are encrusted in... Learn More



Mary Rose Ring

Luxuriate in the beauty of the Mary Rose ring. A midnight blue lapis lazuli stone flecked with gold pyrite sits at its centre, encased in granules of gold plated silver atop a hammered band.Gemstone... Learn More


Mayflower Ring

Mayflower Ring

Be the envy of all your friends with the vivid Mayflower ring. A forest-green agate stone sits at the centre, encrusted in golden granules and a scattering of seed pearls atop a hammered... Learn More



Pinta Cruz Necklace

With a nod to the sunken treasure of the conquistadors, you'll be sure to make a statement with the Pinta Cruz necklace. It has a long length and striking cross pendant that comprises vividly hued... Learn More
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Queen Anne's Revenge Ring

Revel in the regal beauty of the Queen Anne's Revenge ring. A rose-cut ruby zoisite stone sits at its centre flanked by herkimer crystals on either side, encrusted in granules of gold plated silver atop... Learn More


Santa Clara Necklace

The dazzling Santa Clara necklace displays a vivid orange rose-cut carnelian stone at its centre, encrusted in granules of rose gold plated silver. An elegant addition to any neckline. Handmade in London, England.... Learn More
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Ursula Studs

Ursula Studs

Perfect for everyday wear, the Ursula studs feature beautiful white baroque pearls encrusted in granules of gold plated silver. Pearls may vary in size and shape as each one is unique.  ... Learn More