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Pulchra Vase

Strike a pose with the Pulchra vase, from the Latin meaning 'beautiful' by ceramicist Jude Jelfs. Made from slab-built earthenware, vitreous slips and sgraffito* it features a glazed interior, suitable for flowers. A beautiful... Learn More
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Queen Anne's Revenge Ring

Revel in the regal beauty of the Queen Anne's Revenge ring. A rose-cut ruby zoisite stone sits at its centre flanked by herkimer crystals on either side, encrusted in granules of gold plated silver atop... Learn More


Scorpion Gold Stud Earrings

Small but potent, these intricately carved scorpion stud earrings are crafted in solid 18K yellow gold. Perfect for everyday wear!The eighth sign of the zodiac, in Greek mythology Scorpio was... Learn More


Sitting Pretty Sculpture

A beautiful porcelain female figure sculpture entitled 'Sitting Pretty" by ceramicist Jude Jelfs. Made from slab-built stoneware with inlaid slip and a pale off white celadon glaze. As if taken from the pages of... Learn More


Spessartine Garnet & Quartz Necklace

A beautiful one of a kind necklace featuring a cluster of vivid orange spessartine garnets which have grown over a quartz crystal, set in molten-like silver. The pendant hangs from a... Learn More
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Topaz & Herkimer Crystal Ring

Topaz & Herkimer Crystal Ring

A sparkling peach imperial topaz crystal sits in the centre of this ring, flanked by lustrous herkimers on either side and set in molten-like silver atop a hammered band.  Gemstones may vary slightly... Learn More



Ursula Studs

Ursula Studs

Perfect for everyday wear, the Ursula studs feature beautiful white baroque pearls encrusted in granules of gold plated silver. Pearls may vary in size and shape as each one is unique.  ... Learn More



Warrior Gold Necklace

Face your challenges head on with our Warrior necklace in yellow gold. The pendant features a Corinthian helmet on one side and a four spoked wheel with radiating lines on the reverse.... Learn More


Woman With Flying Boobs Vase

A little tongue-in-cheek this slender porcelain vase entitled 'Woman With Flying Boobs" is made from slab-built porcelain with inlaid slip and a pale off white celadon glaze. As if taken from the pages... Learn More


Youth Face Gold Necklace

Depicting the head of a young boy, our beautifully detailed youth necklace in yellow gold hangs on a fine trace chain. The reverse side features a grain of barley between a dolphin... Learn More


Youth Face Gold Stud Earrings

Depicting the head of a young boy, our beautifully detailed youth stud earrings are crafted in 18K yellow gold. Wear these adorable little guys on there own or layered with other... Learn More


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